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Harleys Smoke N Grace

Grace was a 3 week old filly in these photos. I wanted to get some very dynamic photos. These shots came out perfect. Making them stand out.

Taken by Stephanie May


Xaviers Nuevo Comienzo

Setara, is an amazing 2 year old Half Andalusian Mare.  The owner wanted some beautiful shots to be put this wonderful mare up for sale. 

Taken by Stephanie May


GY Kings Hillbilly

Sugar is a 16 yr old AQHA mare that had never really had any professional photos done of her. She had been a brood mare most of her life.

Taken by William Thatcher & Stephanie May


SV Rio Hot Invite

Romeo is a wonderful you stallion that needed some nice shots for his advertisements.

Taken by Stephanie May


RVS Streaking Snow Queen

Beauty is a 34" Spalsh white mini mare. She was having so much fun out in the arena it gave a great oppertunity for some amazing shots. 

Taken by Stephanie May 


Impressive Angel

Spirit is a APHA Bucksking Medicine hat with a halo. He is a stocky boy with a great personality.

Taken by Stephanie May 


Hidha Sept. 2023 show

HiDesert Horsemens Association - September 2023 show 

Taken by Stephanie May 


Mr. & Mrs. Daily Wedding - Oct '23

These photos were taken in a dark large metal building. The wedding was a Halloween style wedding.

Taken by Stephanie May & William Thatcher 

DSC_0048 (1).jpg

ETI88 - Dec'23

It was a rain check day for this show which allowed us to be able to get these wonderful photographs. 

Taken by Stephanie May  


Cash to the Max

Castiel was trying to be the center of attention on this day.  He was ripping a raring to go around  the yard and we figured it would be a great chance to get pictures of him.

Taken by Stephanie May


Darkside of the Boon

Zero was just turning 4 in these shots and the owner needed some photos for advertisements. We ended up getting some nice action shots and halter shots.

Taken by Stephanie May 


Barbies in Hollywood

This young perlino mare was a great subject to do this shoot with. She used all her gaits and even posed for the camera. 

Taken by Stephanie May & William Thatcher


Hill Topper Star of Zeus 

This beautiful 2 year old Clydesdale filly was just too perfect for us not to get photos of.  

Taken by Stephanie May 


Jamaican Twisters Margarita Rocks

Dakota is an older PtHA mare that is part Arabian.  With the spunky Arabian side of her showing through we were able to get some great shots.  

Taken by Stephanie May & William Thatcher


High Roller Reining Classic 2023 - Las Vegas

We went to spend time with the horses and play with our new camera. Getting photo's inside a building with halogen lights is very difficult. 

Taken by Stephanie May 


ETI-88 Double Judge Show - Oct '23

ETI 88 - Phelan CA Double judge show in October 2023

Taken by Stephanie May 

P1012204 (1).jpg

Mountain View Ranch - Dec '23

This was a wonderful day with a family in Yucca Valley. Getting photos on a over cast day with the sun not playing nice. 

Taken by Stephanie May 

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