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Our Exclusive Services

All services are priced accordingly, deposits of 10% are required to hold your spot for our service that require us to travel to you, final payment must be made the day the service is rendered. Logos and Advertisement design costs are paid upfront before service is rendered.

If you have any questions about any of our services, please contact us and we'd be happy to help you.

Every Logo is designed differently with the customer/client in mind. This logo for instance was created for a Ranch and needed to be simple with easy lines to be used as a freeze brand, as well as a printable logo for shirts and other things. 

Custom Logos are $25 - $45


We have had our time inside and outside of the show ring. If you need a Show Photographer we can help. We know how to stay out of the way of the horses and get the best shots with the lighting god gives us.

Most of the time we do not charge a fee to be a show photographer, unless it requires us to stay over night somewhere or to travel a great distance. 

It doesn't matter if its a covered arena or a outdoor arena. We know how to get the best shots. 

Show Photographer $Prices Very


Photo sessions are based on an hourly rate. We do not charge per photo taken. All photos (good and bad) are given to you to use at your discretion.  We do charge per mile of drive time $1.00 per mile. 

With our photo shoots you will get the following

- Professional Photographer

- Flash drive with all your photos

- Our undivided attention

Our Hourly rates are $75.00

Digital Editing


Digital Editing can be done on almost any photograph. If you need something done you need to contact us so we can give you a free estimate. 

Some work can take hours, some can take mere moments. 

We charge for the actual time it took to edit. If it takes 15 minutes, than we'll charge for 15 minutes. 

Digital Editing $40 per hour


It doesn't matter what kind of advertisement you're wanting, we can make it happen. Our prices are low and are hard to compete with.  Our designs can be super basic or as detailed as you want. 

We've done work with a few Amazon Facilities, DJ's in the area, promotional events as well as some horse show coordinators, training barns and breeders.  

All Advertisements are $45

If you're looking to have your next party, wedding, or even event on video. Let us know, we can help with that. We even do Stallion videos along with basic videos or foals for sale or anything else. 

We use Rush and Power Direct for editing.  All edits are done with care and with the customer/clients needs and wants in mind. 

Mileage $1.00 per mile

Motion Capturing $60 per hour

Editing $10 per hour

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