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We're a family owned and operated Media Conglomerate. With over 20+ years of Photography, Videography, Media and Advertisement design experience. We pride ourselves in professionalism and customer obsession. 

Having over 30+ years in the customer service industry we know how to Think Big and give the clients what they want. With clients having the Highest Standards, we have learned to Deliver Results that go above and beyond. 

The Owners

Stephanie May

Stephanie's love fore art started at a young age. Always being involved in any art program she could. Once high school came around she was able to take a Photography class that showed her all the in's and outs of the photography world. 

This opened her eyes to a wide verity of new experiences she could enjoy in the art world. Getting into digital art and photography made her dream come true. Entering in many contests she took home more blue ribbons than she knew what to do with. 

After high school she started her own web development business and was making everything from scratch. From buttons to menu bars, she knew her way around Photoshop and used it to her advantage. 

She started her education in the media world by going to college and getting her Multimedia Certificate.

Now almost 20 years after that great day, she has kept her dream alive by offering low cost advertisements and photography to everyone. 

William Thatcher

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