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All ads are created to the specifications you give us. If you need a double page layout, please let us know so we can accommodate that for you. When creating your personalized ad we will need certain information from you. 


Can you use my cell phone pictures? - Yes, depending on the resolution of the photo, we can use most any photos that you have. 

How long does it take for you to make my Ad? - It can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. It depends how much information you have for the ad and how detailed you want it. It does not get posted anywhere until you've approved of the design and finished product.

What information do you need from me? - We need all the specific information about the horse or item you are advertising. Which can include but is not limited to Price, location, pedigree, size, color, contact info (which includes email, and phone number).

How many Photos do you need from me? - I need any and all photos that you approve of us using. If you want to send 3, then that's OK. If you send 5 or 8 that's good as well. It will give us more options on photos to use. 

Pricing & Sizes

Digital Ad's - $45 per ad any size.

These ad's are all digital and can be used anywhere online. Some may be printed out, but we cannot guarantee the quality of the print.

Double Page Printable Ad's - $75 per design

Double page ad's are ad's that stretch across to pages of a magazine. This is generally done with multiple horses or products being advertised at once. 

Single Page Printable Ad's - $45 per design

A single page ad can be used in any way you choose. When we say single page, we don't mean just a 8x10. It means any size you need that is a single page ad that is or a magazine. 

Double sided Pedigree Ad's - $65 per design

We can do a full page (8x10) or half page (6x8). These will be gloss printed and card stock. The price of printing will differ from the price of the design. We do offer printing as well, just ask us about that. 

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